Muse Draw V2 FS (FINAL SALE)

Muse Draw V2 FS (FINAL SALE)

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A marriage of traditional elegance with cutting-edge performance features, the Muse pointe shoe by Russian Pointe features an extra-wide toe platform that is perfect for the dancer who wants ample room for extra-thick gel toe pads. The extra-wide toe platform is also ideal for dancers who have three toes of the same length or a broad toe structure. Muse features Russian Pointe's famous pre-arched construction, which helps dancers with low arches reach full pointe and reduces break-in time to extend the life of the shoe.



  • Box: Broad
  • Shank: Full Shank
  • Vamp: Average
  • Foot Shape: Broad/Roman

 Shanks Available: Flexible Soft, Flexible Medium, Medium, Flexible Hard, Hard


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