Rebel Revolt BLACKOUT

Rebel Revolt BLACKOUT

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Experience the new comfort and performance of Rebel Revolt, a revolutionary knit shoe designed with cheerleading in-mind and everyday life.

Get the perfect fit with these key factors in mind:

  1. Knit (or is it woven) shoes will stretch and mold to feet over time.  We recommend purchasing size that will create a snug fit.
  2. Knit shoes are built for comfort and foot conformity.
  3. To prevent over-stretching of the shoe opening over time, please lace and unlace shoes properly when getting in and out of your shoes.
  4. To protect your shoes from over-stretching, avoid stretching the shoe opening wide while laces are tied, to force foot into the shoe, as this will cause the opening area to stretch over time.

Built atop our Ruthless sole for tried and true performance, the Rebel Revolt offers #RebelLevel key features:

  • Rebel Spin Pad
  • Stunt Grooves
  • Cross Flex Tunnel
  • Shock Cushioned
  • Knit upper creates a sock-like fit for superior comfort
  • Heel area does not rub rough like in traditional shoes making them easy to wear immediately out of the box
  • Conforms to foot to create a secure feeling while tumbling
  • Cushioned insole absorbs impacts
  • Super lightweight
  • Breathable

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